Dead Poets Society (1989)



Deepest thing I’ve seen in a while.

launch out into the deep for a great drought of fish

» Wedding Poem


What better love than to lay your life down
And if you married
Than you laid your life down
Love is priceless right now
And its always been free
That’s what love told me to write down
The definition of what life is
What a good vibe is
Love is real
Love is silence
Love’s an understanding


» Imagination Poem pt. 1


Beyond the skyline let ure imagination do some stretching
faith is the belief in the unknown I shall not fail to mention
the invention is me
the creator is he
the seed and the trees the cool breeze on the seas
u see it takes imagination to be all that u can be
aiint that the buzz for the bees


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im so not cool enough to be cool because nowadays being cool is so uncool….
built traditions with blurred visions
our traditions are replicas of television
tradition is television
television is tradition
so not cool with the so cool
shape shiftin’ metaphor liftin’
brain shiftin’ change different
mighty morphin’ teleporting outside of the box many seem to be absorbed in…
im not absorbed in….but what i absorb is so enormous
large enough to fill my eyesight but im blind to it…
its everywhere after all the followers mime to it….
the fight for popularity originality takes a loss…
losing the battle afraid to struggle afraid of the cost…
eyes glued to the television tube
got our visions looped….
reruns of other shows got our visions pooped….
same shit different toilet…
watch what you eat
food for thought
you might want to watch what you eat…
cuz what you eat may not be good for your teeth…
watch what you consuming, or pay attention to your consumption…
over production of visual stimuli got us sucked in….
wars, elections,
whores, erections,
living lavish, rims and the savage,
rich over poor,
hate and violence have a marriage,
no babies in the carriage, cuz the babies is too busy being a part of something tragic…
love is gone passion is corrupt
no more making love we all get fucked
music’s the same so not cool
music is lame we back to the old school
before cash ruled everything for no reason….
right before the 70’s and late 60’s the peaceful season…
time traveling with no time machine….
under the skyline all i can do is dream….
i should be doing more but i watch the planet lean in a direction that will be sad to be seen….
deeper than what deep is…steeper than what steep is….running out of breath able to breath this….
lungs don’t suffer but my insides keep this fiendish obsceneness and we all seem to ignore seeing it….
under production is the product of over consumption….
recessions, depressions
the rich get richer the poor strengthens…..
the value of moments of silence lessen
wars lengthen and time short
wasted money more funeral processions….
protesting…with no reason to be protesting…
life is an open book testing
we too busy cheating and guessing cuz we don’t feel like sitting through the lessons…
rich get rich the poor strengthens…
the power of the struggle enhances progression…
struggle to succeed
die to live
starving just to feed a need to live at a pace which crashes just to speed….
so cool yet so uncool….
traditions are in television….
too sad too bad….
we gotta loose that..
keep ure eyes and ears away from where the 10oclock news at…
hypnotized lives
criticized eye that visualize lies
audio visual deception
miscarriage truth aborted without conception
lies erect and seem to pierce through the contraception
counter productive in amounts that’s destructive…
the blind leading the blind the allure so seductive….
Critism constructed to be constructive
yet construction seem to kill the beauty we should be stuck in….
buildings erect we the people elect power with no respect….
Its so stupid not to be smart
Its so stupid to be hungry with nothing in ure shopping cart
No grocery bag just window shopping with no grocery list
Our eyes too big for our stomachs, toilets ain’t wide enough for this shit….
Worlds apart on the same planet
How do we manage?
Too uncool to be cool…
im not cool enough to be cool

-Emmanuel D. Sofolawe

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